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Taxi drivers are a very special crowd. There are two types:
1. They will drive around in endless circles 8nd deliber8tely do not understand a word you say.
2. They will drive you directly to your destination.
Still the outcome will always be the same: they will charge you 10 times the usual price.
Moscow is full of places worth visiting: museums, churches, old downtown, theatres and, of course, nightclubs. But some of those places are hard to reach in such a big city. That is when you will encounter some “helpers”... Afterwords you will be wondering, where your 1000$ have vanished to, since you did not even reach your final destination...
A global event like FIFA 2018 will certainly attract not only tourists, but also professionals, and not the best kind.

Who or what are we?

1. We are Moscow citizens and we want you to have the best experience possible in our city and to leave with only beautiful memories of your time here and the desire to visit again.
2. We are reliable adults with established families and careers, who know the city very well and are not interested in inappropriate offers.
3. We work in different businesses branches, that means there will always be someone I our network, who will be able to help and resolve any unexpected situations, quickly and efficiently.
4. And the most important thing- Moscow is our city and thus our home and our responsibility.

What are we offering?

Itʼs simple- we offer you all those services, that are normally the hunting grounds of scammers. That means:
1. We will pick you up and bring you and your luggage to your destination, fully intact.
2. We will find an accommodation for you according to your wishes and your budget.
3. We will show you around the city.
4. We will organise and explain everything you want us to.
5. We will accompany you, if you wish so.
6. We will provide you with everything you need, whether it is an item or a service.
And the icing on top:
If you have already booked an accommodation, we will inspect it in advance. All you have to do is send us the address and we will send you back photos and a summary of the current state and the provider. Thus you can make sure that everything is fine or be able to find an alternative when it is not too late.

And why all of this?

Because your opinion is important to us. In addition, we focus not on your money or our pay but on your well-being. And we will convince you of that!
Until then, you can find all the detailed information about us on this website: our locations, names, addresses, etc.
Welcome to Russian!

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Our friendly team responds to all messages within 12 hours. We are in Moscow timezone, GMT +3, so bear in mind we may be sleeping when you send your message! Please check Spam if you do not see our response.