Moscow will host eight matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, including the final.
The Russian ruble lost half its value against the dollar in the past couple of years, so Moscow isn’t ridiculously expensive anymore. But it’s definitely a hard city to produce in, which is why it’s best to have a local partner.


Ekaterinburg (also spelled Yekaterinburg) is located near the Ural Mountains that divide Europe and Asia. For more than two centuries, it has been the industrial backbone of Russia.

St. Petersburg

One of the most beautiful cities on Earth, St. Petersburg will host seven games of the 2018 World Cup.


Sochi is one of Russia’s main resorts that become known to the world after it hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics.


Kazan is the capital of Russia's Tatarstan and its main Muslim center.
Kazan is located only 447 miles from Moscow (that’s almost nothing for Russia, seriously). Daily flights connect it with Dubai, Istanbul, and, of course, Moscow.


Saransk is the 300,000-populous capital of Mordovia, a small Russian republic in the Volga river region.


Kaliningrad is Russia's westernmost exclave that mixes up German and Russian aesthetics into a perfect cocktail.


Samara is an industrial city on Volga river with over 1 million population.
Volga, the biggest river in Europe, is the center of local life. It’s more than one mile wide and has a picturesque embankment.


Rostov-on-Don is a thriving city in southern Russia, located near the Azov Sea.

Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod is the fifth biggest city in Russia and one of its little known gems.


Volgograd, the city that has seen one of the bloodiest battles in history, is one of the 2018 FIFA World Cup's host cities.

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